Beis HaMikdash

As we begin the בין המצרים – the three weeks of mourning for the destruction of the 1st & 2nd ביהמ”ק, it is incumbent upon every one of us to do everything in our power to bring about the building of the 3rd בית המקדש. For this purpose, we have put together daily lessons in the laws of בית המקדש as well as laws and customs of the (particular days) in the three weeks.

May we merit the fulfillment of the words of the רמב”ם in the completion of הלכות תענית: “All of these fasts will be nullified in the time of Moshiach; moreover, they will be transformed into days of joy and happiness, as it is written: The … fasts will be transformed for the house of Israel to days of joy and happiness and good holidays and truth and peace you should love.”

To quote the words of the Rebbe (on Shabbos Parshas Bolok, 5751):

“Since we are standing on the threshold of Redemption which will arrive imminently, it follows that the study of the Laws of building the Beis HaMikdash this year must be of an entirely different order. First and foremost, this study must be permeated with the certain awareness and full recognition that this study is not merely ’הלכתא למשיחא’  (pertinent to the time of Moshiach), but it is relevant for practical use at the very next moment. For indeed, the ‘Future Mikdash that we are anticipating has already been built and is fully developed (above and will thus imminently) be revealed and arrive from Heaven’ instantaneously! …

One might suggest an additional rationale for the need and the virtue of studying the Torah’s teachings concerning Moshiach, Redemption and the building of the third ביהמ”ק; as an entrance into the days of Moshiach.

… Despite the ‘uproar’ associated with this matter in recent times … we see how difficult it is to inculcate the awareness and the feeling that we are literally standing on the threshold of the ימות המשיח, to the point that one begins to ‘thrive’ on matters of משיח and גאולה

The solution to this dilemma is Torah study concerning Moshiach and Redemption. For Torah – which is Hashem’s wisdom, and thus transcends the natural order of the universe – has the capacity to alter the nature of man. Even when one’s emotions are still outside the parameters of Geula – G-d forbid – (because he has not yet emerged from his internal Galus,) he can nevertheless learn the Torah’s teachings concerning גאולה, and thereby become elevated to the state of גאולה. One then begins to thrive on matters of גאולה, borne of the knowledge, awareness and feeling that  ‘Behold he is coming’”