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  • Yeshiva Gedolah Lubavitch

    What Happens at YKSA

    What is YKSA? YKSA is first and foremost a Yeshiva – in the Rebbe’s words: “A factory that produces Chassidim” – which Boruch Hashem, can boast hundreds of Shluchim, educators, Rabbonim and…

    Registration is now open for Yeshivas Kayitz South Africa 5781

    בשורה טובה למבקשי השם     Good News! Registration for Yeshivas Kayitz of summer 5781 is now open. Basic information: Ages: Bochurim going out of Shiur Beis and Gimel Mesivta Entails: Extreme…

  • Yeshiva Gedolah Lubavitch

    Elephant sanctuary & cable car

    BH On Thursday 21st of Tamuz we went on a trip to the Elephant park, where the Bochurim were taught all about elephants and got a chance to interact with them. Those…

  • Yeshiva Gedolah Lubavitch

    ATV ( Quad biking) and Horse riding room trips

    BH The Bochurim of the room that excelled in Davening & learning during the course of the week went on a quad-biking safari trail. They had a great time & got to…

  • Yeshiva Gedolah Lubavitch

    Soweto trip

    BH Last Thursday the Bochurim went to tour Soweto. They learned many life lessons about appreciating what we have, and realizing how so many people don’t even have the very basic life…

  • Yeshiva Gedolah Lubavitch

    Join us in learning about the Beis Hamikdash

    BH For the next 3 weeks you will be able to join the Yeshiva in learning about the Beis HaMikdash. You can click here to download a learning booklet for each day…

  • Yeshiva Gedolah Lubavitch

    12 & 13 Tamuz

    BH The Yeshiva celebrated the 12 & 13th of Tamuz in style. On Sunday night after Seder Rabbi Kesselman Farbrenged in one dorm and Rabbi Mendy Kesselman in another. The main Farbrengen…

  • Yeshiva Gedolah Lubavitch

    Action Soccer & other sports pictures

    On Motzoei Shabbos, the Bochurim played action soccer. Below are some pictures.
  • Yeshiva Gedolah Lubavitch

    Trip – Hike in Klipriviersberg Nature Reserve

    BH Usually Thursday is trip day. Last Thursday the Bochurim went on a beautiful scenic hike. Below are some of the pictures. Enjoy! Some pictures could not be uploaded on the website…

  • Yeshiva Gedolah Lubavitch
    Yeshiva Gedolah Lubavitch

    Self help booklet – Perek 1 Brochos

    Click here to download booklet