Registration is full for Yeshivas Kayitz South Africa 5782

בשורה טובה למבקשי השם

Good News!

Registration for Yeshivas Kayitz – summer 5782 is now closed.

Basic information:

Ages: Bochurim going out of Shiur Beis and Gimmel Mesivta

Entails: Extreme learning! Extreme Chassidishkeit! Extreme Living with Moshiach! Extreme trips! Extreme fun!

Click here for more information and an overview of the daily schedule

Dates: Tuesday 6th of Tammuz (5th of July) – Thursday 21st of Menachem Av (18th of August)

Staff: Rabbi Noam Wagner – Rosh Yeshiva;  Rabbi Yosef Kesselman – Mashpia Kloli; Rabbi Levi Tzukernik – Mashpia & ר”מ;

Seven awesome Bochurim staff!


Registration is closed for the summer of 5782!


יחי אדוננו מורנו ורבינו מלך המשיח לעולם ועד