What Happens at YKSA

What is YKSA?

YKSA is first and foremost a Yeshiva – in the Rebbe’s words: “A factory that produces Chassidim” – which Boruch Hashem, can boast hundreds of Shluchim, educators, Rabbonim and Chassidishe Baálei Batim who have been educated and formed here – over the course of the years. In YKSA – we endeavor to follow the Rebbe’s directive of using the קו החסד – positive reinforcement – to help each Bochur largely surprass all previous expectations that he had for himself. There is not a Bochur who has passed through our doors that cannot attest to the fact that in the six weeks of the summer he has learned a lot more Nigle, Chassidus, Yiras Shomayim and how to prepare for Moshiach – than he has in an entire year in Yeshiva.

How Do we do it?

The daily schedule is an intense one; although the students are coming from Shiur Beis and Gimmel Mesivta – the Yeshivas Kayitz is fashioned more like a Zal. Every Bochur is pushed and encouraged to complete an entire Masechta of close to 100 Blatt – Gemoro with Rashi (as well as one Perek BÍyuna – more in depth, and coupled with the practical Halachos), and an entire Sefer of the Rebbe’s Maámorim, along with an in-depth study of the laws of the Beis HaMikdash in Mishnayos, Rambam, Yechezkél and the Rebbe’s Sichos. Yet – the constant encouragement of the dedicated staff coupled with trips and activities that most Bochurim can only dream of, inspiring Farbrengens, and all-in-all an exciting and upbeat atmosphere – bring every Bochur to spiritual heights that transcend his limitations by far.

An Overview of the Daily Schedule

An hour and fifteen minutes Chassidus B’Chavrusa in the morning

After Shacharis and breakfast – a 45 minute Shiur Gemoro followed by Chavrusa learning

A Shiur about Moshiach and Inyonei Beis HaMikdash followed by Mincha

After lunch – two hours of sports (leagues)

One and a half hours of learning Gemoro (L’Girsa) with a Chavruso

After Maáriv and supper – Halacha Seder followed by a 45 minute Shiur in Chassidus


There are small – but exciting local trips almost every week. In addition there are two big trips – a three day trip to a game reserve and other activities around half way through the summer, and a week long trip to the ocean down south – towards the end. Each of these big trips – the Bochurim are accompanied by one of the Mashpiím – who learns and Farbrengs with them – adding a spiritual spice to the excitement.

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