Online Shabbos Course

Duration of course: Designed as a five week course – but each person can pace it according to his own needs and preferences.

Dates: Start any time on your own / with a Chavruso, or with a group

Special introductory Price: $200.00 for the entire course including test

The course entails:

Material covered:


Week One: The 39 Melachos of Shabbos

Week Two: Laws of Cooking and food preparation

Week Three: Laws of Muktze

Week Four: Laws of what can and what can’t be done by a non-Jew as well as פיקוח נפש

Week Five: General review and test


Going through all the “Do’s and Dont’s” of Shabbos – step by step


Using a Maamor of the Rebbe as a springboard to explore in depth the deeper dimensions of Shabbos.

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For more info: e-mail or what’s app: +27724802406

Frequently Asked Question‘s

What type of background to I need for this course?

It is preferable to have a basic background of formal Yeshivah style education. However, everything is translated and explained in English and the Rabbi is always available to help. If you’re willing to put in the effort – any background will be fine.

Is there any assistance?

The Rabbis will be available BEH on what’s app and e-mail to assist you in any way they can.

What if I miss a lesson?

All lessons will be recorded and thus made available for you.

Will you have courses and tests for other Semicha subjects?

Based on the interest in this course we plan on having other courses as well.

Is the certification officially recognized?

Because the certification is being given by an official school – governments and other official offices tend to recognize it. From a Rabbinic point of view – we are hoping to get the signature of an official Rabbinic authority as well.

Is the course only for Bochurim?

The course is geared for English-speaking student’s of all ages who have a will to learn, and are prepared to put in the effort.

Is the course for women / girls?

This course is geared for men and boys. However, if their is sufficient interest, we will be happy to arrange one for women and girls as well.

How much time commitment does this course demand of me?

In order to complete the course in five weeks, you will need a commitment of about sixteen hours a week. However, you can commit as many hours as you are prepared to, and we will BEH accomodate you at your own pace.

After taking this course – will I be completely proficient in all the laws of Shabbos?

The laws of Shabbos are long and complicated and it can take years to master them properly. However, the goal of this course is that you should be fairly knowledgeable and acquainted with all the general aspects, enough that you would have a general idea and know how to ask and where to look.

How hard is the exam?

The point of the test is not to test your memory, but to see that you have studied the material and are knowledgeable enough in the basic ideas. As long as you actually covered the material and took your studies seriously, you should have no problem passing the examination.

Is the price negotiable?

We have put much thought into making a fair and very affordable price which would enable us to nevertheless remunerate our Rabbis and teachers for their time. That being said, in a case of extreme necessity, we will BEH make a plan.