Staff announced for YKSA 5779

The following are the staff for the summer of 5779:

  1. Rabbi Noam Wagner – Rosh Yeshiva
  2. Rabbi Yosef Kesselman – Mashpia Kloli
  3. Rabbi Levi Wolf – Menahel / general director
  4. Rabbi Levi Tzukernik – Mashpia / Ram


  1. Mendel Raichik from LA
  2. Shmaya Hecht
  3. Mendy Kreiman from CH
  4. Shmueli Sanowicz from LA
  5. Avi Winner from Sheepshead Bay, NY

We are certain that we will all together have the  most amazing Yeshivas Kayitz and the most amazing summer, and  succeed in running the Rebbe’s Yeshiva the way the Rebbe wants it.

Looking forward to the immediate revelation of Moshiach, so that we spend the rest of the year & summer with Moshiach in Yerushalayim Ir HaKodesh & teh Beis HaMikdash Hashlishi!

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