Answering Your Questions

What is unique about this Yeshiva – why should I travel across the world?

In a world where a Bochur often feels like he is being expected to fit a general predetermined mold, we look at each Bochur for who he is, each member of Hanholo doing their part in guiding him accordingly.

Our guiding light is the Rebbe’s oft repeated statement, that the Yeshiva & its Hanholo are there solely for the Bochurim. Hence, our decision making process is based on that which will be of greater benefit to every Bochur.

The Yeshiva Hanholo frequently discuss each Bochur’s progress, ensuring that he is developing happily, and all of his material & spiritual needs are being seen to.

The Shiurim, as well, are given in accordance with where each Bochur is holding, and every Bochur’s Davening & behaviour is evaluated on a constant basis.

Sounds too good to be true – how do you plan on achieving this?


We have a Rosh Yeshiva, Mashpia Roshi, Menahel and Magidei Shiurim for both Nigleh and Chassidus, as well as one person who is involved specifically in Halacha, each fully dedicated to their specific area of expertise, in a way that for him the Yeshiva & the Bochurim are כל מעיני בך. The Rosh Yeshiva & the Menahel meet regularly with each Hanholo member to insure that every Bochur is receiving the full capacity of guidance & help.

Learning & schedule

Although the schedule for learning is a set one, we take great care to insure that every Bochur feels that they meet his specific needs, and at the same time help the Bochur grow in his abilities.

If, for example, a Bochur is struggling with learning or understanding, the Hanholo members “walk him through” step by step. On the other hand, if a Bochur learns & grasps the Gemoro quickly, the Magidei Shiur make sure stimulate him according to his level, so that he uses the full capacity of his capabilities, such as guiding him in being able to write & give over Pilpulim, etc.


The Bochurim are encouraged to use some of their spare time to jump in the swimming pool or other recreational activities, so that they are healthy and their minds are clear to spend the long hours of learning productively.

Also, from time to time the Bochurim are taken out into nature, in order to further invigorate them in their learning & Avodas Hashem.


Yir’as Shomayim & Chassidishkeit are not left as a given. The Mashpi’im are very in touch with where each Bochur is holding, and guide him in the proper manner, through general Farbrengens as well as private talks, in the tradition of Mashpi’im of generations of Tomchei T’mimim. The Mashpi’im guide & direct each Bochur in Davening properly, and also Hadrocho in Chassidishkeit in a Pnimiyusdike way, so that he avoids false directions. The Hadrocho is especially permeated with the awareness of the only Shlichus of our generation: preparing ourselves & the world to greet Moshiach.


The atmosphere in Yeshiva is always a positive one filled with Simcha, where a Bochur doesn’t feel forced, rather that he & the Hanholo are working together for the same goal. Bochurim are encouraged to enjoy learning & Davening, and to want to grow. We try to cultivate a Geula atmosphere, rather than a Golus one.


We are in constant communication with parents, regarding their son’s progress. The Menahel sends out a bi-weekly report to the parents, that includes test marks, Shmiras Hasdorim, and general Hanhogo.

Is this Yeshiva the right place for me?

If Yeshiva for you means a place to grow in Ruchniyus;

If you want to learn how to learn according to your full potential;

If you want to learn how to Daven and become a true Chosid;

If you understand that קבלת עול is the foundation for your success;

Then Yeshiva Gedola Lubavitch of SA is definitely the right place for you!


If you are in Yeshiva only because your parents sent you;

If you are content where you are at, and are not looking to grow;

If you wish to outsmart the Hanholo & get around the rules;

Then Yeshiva Gedola Lubavitch of SA is definitely the wrong place for you!

Why South Africa?

  1. The Yeshiva in SA was founded by the Rebbe, and he continually bestows upon it his ברכות, that give the Yeshiva & its students the necessary כחות for success.
  2. Being far away from all the tumult of the “big cities”, and with large spacious grounds & swimming pool as well as top quality level Gashmiyus, a Bochur has the מנוחת הנפש to concentrate on nothing else other than Torah & עבודת ה’.

Is it safe?

BH, the Yeshiva is in an extremely safe & very Jewish neighbourhood. The entire area & especially the immediate vicinity of Yeshiva are fully protected & secure. The Hanholo takes every precaution that also when the Bochurim go out, they are safe & secure at all times.

Are there Kosher stores near Yeshiva?

Yeshiva is in a very Jewish area. A short few blocks away from Yeshiva, there are Kosher stores, as well as a large well stocked Kosher supermarket that is open from early until late, 6 days a week. You can pretty much buy anything you would like (for a lot cheaper).

Is there medical care?

In addition to South Africa having top class medical care, BH we have excellent Jewish doctors in the community who take special interest in caring for the Yeshiva Bochurim. It is important, however, to be covered by insurance. This should not be an issue, as many insurance plans cover their clients overseas. An alternative option is to get travel insurance from a travel agent.

How will this year be different from previous years?

This year BEH, we are restructuring. This means that Yeshiva is not only hiring new staff, but improving on the entire setup. In this way, we will merge & combine the new with the old. We are keeping & improving on all the good things that worked well, while replacing things that may have been problematic in the past.

Yeshiva is run by the educational & financial boards

The הנהלה רוחנית is comprised of three well respected local Mechanchim, who are in charge of all decisions regarding the day-to-day running of Yeshiva. This educational board has hired a Menahel Ruchni who will implement all of Yeshiva’s policies. The Menahel will be screening Bochurim before their acceptance to ensure that they are right for the Yeshiva and the Yeshiva is right for them. The Menahel will also be in charge of the daily structure of Seder and the discipline of Bochurim. The moment it is clear that a Bochur is not interested in growing and succeeding in Yeshiva, the Menahel will not hesitate to send him home.

The executive financial board is fully responsible for all Gashmiyus & monetary aspects of the Yeshiva. They have hired a Menahel Gashmi who will be on top of the smooth running of the kitchen & food supply, as well as all other material aspects of the Yeshiva.

Are there scholarships?

There is a scholarship fund based on various factors that determine eligibility.

If your son fits the criteria, and is right for the Yeshiva, we are certain that together we’ll come up with a plan that will make it work.

Learning & S’dorim

How we go about it


The Yeshiva offers classes for students on every level of knowledge. Our hand-picked Hanholo members & Shluchim (at a very large ratio per Bochur), are fully and solely dedicated to helping each student grow in learning and Chassidishkeit.

Gemoro Iyun & Girsa

Iyun Shiurim are split up into three levels; beginners, intermediate & advanced.
There are both Chavrusa learning & Shiurim for each level.
In Girsa, there are quotas for Bochur to learn the most he can according to his capabilities.

Chassidus Iyun & Girsa

In Chassidus Iyun there are 3 levels: beginners, intermediate & advanced.
Chassidus is learned in Chavrusa & in Shiurim.
In Chassidus Girsa, we learn Avodadike Ma’amorim, emphasising Ma’amorim of the Rebbe.


There is a special Halacha department headed by a world renowned Ba’al Halacha.
He has set up a Halacha curriculum for the varying levels, from Kitzur Shulchan Oruch, to in-depth understanding of the Alter Rebbe’s Shulchan Oruch & comparing it to the other Poskim.

Nach & Divrei Y’mei Yisroel

There are S’dorim for Nach, and a Shiur in Jewish history, with a special emphasis on the order of transmission of the Torah Sheb’al Peh, and getting to know the background of the Tano’im, Amora’im, Rishonim & Acharonim.

Inyonei Geula U’Moshiach

Aside from Geula and Moshiach being emphasized in every topic that is studied, there are special Shiurim on topics pertaining to Geula and Moshiach with the intention of bringing warmth and Chayus in the anticipation of the Geula & the preparation to greet Moshiach.


About the Yeshiva


5744 / 1984

Founded by the Rebbe

South Africa


Yeshiva Lubavitch of Johannesburg, South Africa

Years 1 & 2 Zal


Rabbi Wagner

ראש ישיבה

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Rabbi Wagner

ראש ישיבה

Rabbi Wagner

Rabbi Kesselman

משפיע כללי

Rabbi Wolf

מנהל רוחני

Rabbi Gidon Fox

Head of Halacha Department

Cheryl Flores